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At the Centre, our team members take great pride in their supporting roles. The staff has been handpicked by our plastic surgeon, James Matas, MD, based on their professionalism, level of compassion, overall intelligence and knowledge of our industry. Beginning employment, they are trained specifically to their position and acclimated to our practice culture and professional expectations. They sign confidentiality agreements and understand HIPAA compliance and patient privacy laws. When applicable, they are also licensed for their specific occupation.

Each team member goes out of their way to give patients the time and personal attention they deserve. We still answer our phones without rerouting callers into voicemail, return calls promptly, call our surgical patients the night of surgery and greet our patients with a caring smile and personal concern at each visit. Our patients always feel welcome – and they are.

So that you are more familiar with our staff, we have included photographs and title below.

 Lynn, Patient Services Coordinator

Lynn, Patient Services Coordinator

 Normajean, Office Administrator/ Surgical Coordinator

Normajean, Office Administrator/ Surgical Coordinator

Wally Kogan, Licensed Massage Therapist

Wally, Licensed Massage Therapist


Barbie, Medical Assistant Aesthetician


Surgical Tech

Registered Nurse

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