What to Expect After Breast Lift Surgery

Following breast lift surgery, you will be carefully bandaged and, when you are ready, sent home with your companion to recover. It is extremely important to follow the post-operative care instructions Dr. James Matas provides and to attend all scheduled post-op appointments in order to help you heal properly, avoid complications, and achieve optimal results. ...Continue Reading
Many women wonder if there is a natural, non-surgical solution for maintaining or regaining youthful breast shape and an elevated bustline. Some believe that exercises targeting the chest area can help women avoid the need for breast lift surgery; however, chest muscle strength, size, and definition bears little, if any, relation to the composition and ...Continue Reading

Silagen® Scar Refinement System

At the Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery we are now offering the Silagen® Scar Refinement System for the prevention of visible scarring after surgical procedures. Current theories on wound-healing and scarring indicate that preventing water-loss from the dermis through the skin during the healing process can prevent the overproduction of collagen, which limits the formation ...Continue Reading

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost for breast augmentation at our practice is determined by several various components, and our plastic surgeon’s price quote is typically as individualized as the custom-tailored surgical plan. Dr. James Matas takes the following fees and factors into account when formulating the final price quotation: Shape and type of breast implants Surgeon’s fee Facility ...Continue Reading

How Can Breast Implants Change My Look?

The addition of breast implants during breast augmentation or breast lift procedures can achieve a number of different changes in the feel and appearance of the breasts. The type of look you can achieve with breast implants will be determined by your natural breast attributes combined with the the size, type, shape, incision method, and ...Continue Reading
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