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Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts a woman can experience, yet the physical changes it can cause can be the source of diminished self-esteem for many. Weight gain, stretched tissue, and hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy can affect several areas of the body, most notably the breasts and abdomen. For women interested in restoring their pre-baby figure, plastic surgeon James Matas, MD offers several procedures that can slim and tighten the midsection, resculpt areas of stubborn fat, rejuvenate the breasts, and resolve cosmetic changes to the genitalia. During a consultation, Dr. Matas can perform a full examination and discuss the options that are well-suited for addressing your unique needs and achieving your goals.

Often, more than one procedure can be performed at the same time to prevent the need for multiple surgeries and recovery periods. We invite you to explore the sections below to learn more about treatments that can be combined as part of mommy makeover procedure, as well as the physical issues each is designed to resolve:

Breast Lift with or without Breast Augmentation

The combination of pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch breast skin and tissue and then deplete breast volume, leaving the breasts looking deflated and droopy. Even the size and position of the nipples can change dramatically. For most women, these physical changes are permanent unless they are addressed through a surgical procedure. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is a highly customized procedure designed to eliminate excess skin and elevate the breasts to a more youthful position. If additional breast volume is desired, breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation. The placement of breast implants can either be used to restore original breast volume or to create larger, firmer, more shapely breasts that provide a more youthful, curvaceous look.

Tummy Tuck

To accommodate a growing baby during gestation, the skin, tissue, and musculature of the abdomen must stretch considerably. While the human body can be incredibly resilient, many women experience permanent physical changes to the abdomen after childbirth, which can include excess skin, torn or stretched abdominal muscles, and stubborn pockets of fat. Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a dynamic procedure designed to help women affected by these cosmetic concerns. In addition to removing excess, stretched skin and fat deposits, Dr. Matas can tighten and repair damaged abdominal muscles to restore a tighter, more slender waist.  In some cases, liposuction techniques can also be incorporated to fine-tune contours for natural-looking results.


Weight gain associated with pregnancy can often be very hard to lose. While many women have weight loss success with healthy changes in diet and exercise, some areas of accumulated fat can remain unchanged. These unwanted bulges can be incredibly frustrating and, in some cases, affect self-esteem. Battling this fat can be a life-long struggle, but with surgical intervention, achieving smoother, leaner curves can be possible. Body contouring with liposuction is often ideal for removing pockets of fat that keep women from achieving the post-baby body they are striving for. Virtually any area of the body can be treated with liposuction. Most women who undergo mommy makeovers desire fat removal from the abdomen, love handles, back, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms. It is possible to treat several areas during the span of one surgery to maximize results.

Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

For women who have experienced cosmetic changes to the labia as a result of childbirth, labiaplasty techniques can rejuvenate the appearance of the female genital region. Each labiaplasty procedure is highly customized to address the unique characteristics the patient wishes to change. Whether bothered by appearance, physical discomfort, or both, Dr. Matas can develop an individual treatment plan to achieve your goals.
If you are considering a mommy makeover and would like to find out which combination of procedures may deliver optimal results, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matas.

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