Can Exercises Help Me Avoid Breast Lift Surgery?

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Many women wonder if there is a natural, non-surgical solution for maintaining or regaining youthful breast shape and an elevated bustline. Some believe that exercises targeting the chest area can help women avoid the need for breast lift surgery; however, chest muscle strength, size, and definition bears little, if any, relation to the composition and shape of the actual breasts. Skin, fat, and breast tissue are the main components of the breasts, and it is changes to these elements that have the most significant effect on breast shape.

The main reasons that breasts begin to sag and lose their youthful firmness and shape are variations in breast volume, changes in breast composition, and loss of skin elasticity over time. These can occur as a result of childbearing, aging, significant weight gain/loss, and/or hormonal fluctuations. Unfortunately, chest exercises can only strengthen the muscle tissue deep in the breasts, and therefore offer no way to prevent or reverse these aesthetic changes.

Is breast lift surgery the only way to effectively lift and reshape breasts? Yes. According to our plastic surgeon, James Matas, MD, to effectively reshape and lift the breasts, surgery is required. To create firmer, elevated, more shapely breasts, Dr. Matas may perform breast lift surgery to accomplish the following changes:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Lift and revitalize the breasts
  • Restore volume with breast implants to complement the breast lift procedure (if necessary)
  • Reposition and/or revise the nipples

By surgically addressing all of the key elements that cause the appearance of drooping breasts, Dr. Matas can restore the breast firmness, shape, projection, and elevation you desire. To see examples of his work, we invite you to browse through before-and-after pictures in our breast lift gallery.

For more information about breast lift, we encourage you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matas.

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