More Choices Than Ever for Women Wanting Silicone Breast Implants in US.

implant choicesIn recent months the FDA has approved fuller filled round silicone breast implants, giving women the availability of breast augmentation with a customized fit and natural-looking results as it relates to shape, size, texture, as well as projection, to complement a woman’s unique body. Plastic surgeons have a multitude of silicone implants available for their use in both the cosmetic and the reconstructive arenas. The FDA still only allows silicone implants to be used on patients older than 22 years of age for cosmetic purposes.

The fact remains breast augmentation is the number one requested plastic surgery procedure in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). There was a time when silicone implants were not available in this country from 1992 until 2006, at which point overwhelming scientific evidence allowed the FDA to approve their clinical use. Today there are several implant manufacturers with implants that have been FDA approved after appropriate trials and investigations. The FDA still monitors silicone implant use and recommends that physicians as well as patients be aware of potential problems. They also recommend periodic MRI studies to confirm silicone implants remain intact.

Since 2006, we have seen major advances in silicone technology—making them more cohesive and eliminating the “liquid nature” of the implants and the availability of the shaped silicone implant—as well as the introduction of the recently approved fuller filled round implants. The choices are simply quite numerous, requiring a thorough examination of the patient and a consultation with the doctor to discuss the needs and desires of the patient to ultimately select the best implant for the given patient. Of course saline implants are still available and there are more lenient age restrictions on these. Breast Augmentation is also commonly performed with other breast procedures such as breast lifts and the correction of nipple irregularities.

Your best bet to obtain a good result begins with seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon who performs surgery in an accredited surgical facility and who is willing to meet wih you to discuss your particular situation. There are many Internet sources for information, but just remember a consultation and a thorough exam is essential to begin the process. I have been in clinical practice in Orlando, Florida for the past 34 years and would be available for your private complimentary consultation.

Dr. James Matas

If you have additional questions about breast implants and breast augmentation, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Matas, please contact our office today.

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