Non-surgical injectable treatments have steadily increased in popularity and paved the way for the development of new injectable products that address an even wider variety of cosmetic concerns. KYBELLA® is one of the latest injectables to be approved by the FDA for the minimally invasive treatment of a double chin. Designed to reduce mild to […]

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Skincare Basics

Where to start? Today we would like to tell you the basics of a quality skincare routine in order to get you the best results. Taking a few minutes a day with high quality skincare products will help you look younger and feel better. A little commitment to your skin will help you look beautiful […]

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By now almost everyone has heard of antioxidants and their widely touted benefits for improving health. Antioxidants include a large group of both natural and synthetic ingredients which work to combat the effects of oxidative stress and free-radical damage. They are primarily derived from vitamins, herbs and minerals, and can help to improve the overall […]

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