Brow/Forehead Lift

A forehead lift, or browlift, is a procedure which raises and reshapes low, sagging eyebrows, improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, softens creases and worry lines seen across the forehead and generally restores a more rested and youthful appearance.

Best Candidates for Brow Lift

Men and women, late 30’s to 60’s or early 70’s, with sagging or low positioned eyebrows; younger individuals who have an inherited, family appearance of drooping eyebrows; non-smokers with good to excellent health and good skin tone have the greatest possibility for an excellent surgical outcome.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

Dr Matas and Staff 203Dr. James Matas, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida, has extensive experience performing facial plastic surgery. He will discuss your goals and motivations for surgery, along with assessing your physical and emotional health and reviewing information you provide about previous surgeries, past and current medical conditions, as well as nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and pharmaceutical medications you take.

He will examine the structures of your face and eyebrows, assessing the quality of your skin tone and bone structure. He may also review photographs of you at an earlier age to determine how the aging process has affected this area. He will recommend the exact procedure, or procedures, needed to bring about the desired result, outlining the techniques and incisions needed, the type of anesthesia, where the surgery will be performed and the risks and possibility of complications. He may also recommend non-surgical treatments like BOTOX® or facial fillers, such as Restylane® to enhance the surgical outcome.

He will advise you to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen products, Vitamin E and certain herbal medications before surgery, as these can cause increased bleeding or have undesirable effects with anesthesia.

Once a surgical plan is established, you will be provided with the financial details along with a suggested plan of action should you decide to take the next step towards surgery.

How an Endoscopic Brow Lift is Performed

This technique uses a small rod-like device, called an endoscope, that is connected to a television monitor. A total of 5 small incisions of ¼ – ½” are placed across the forehead area, usually at each temple and several at the hairline, and this provides Dr. Matas with access to the scalp and all of the muscles that span the forehead. He then undermines and frees the tissue from the top of the scalp, all the way down to below the brow itself. He removes some of the muscles that cause frowning, if necessary, and shifts the eyebrow upward.

Once the new location of the brow position is determined, a sutureless mechanism called the Endotine Forehead Device is tapped into the skullbone. The brow is lifted and placed over this device, holding the skin and soft tissue in its new location. The device will eventually be absorbed by the body, and by then, the tissue has healed in its new position. Due to the redraping of the scalp, there is no extra skin to be removed. Staples are used to close the small incisions.

Unlike the standard coronal brow lift, which is still occasionally performed, there is no hair loss, temporary scalp numbness or large incision crossing the scalp.

Recovery from a Forehead Lift

You will be discharged with a supportive head garment that will be worn for the first week. There is very little pain associated with a browlift, but any discomfort can be lessened with prescribed medication. Bruising and swelling over the eyelid and cheek areas may be noticed, and should completely resolve over the first several weeks.

You will be given guidelines to keep your head elevated, to avoid strenuous activity, alcohol, steam baths, saunas and sun exposure. After one week, the surgical staples will be removed.

You, or your hairstylist, will be able to wash your hair, taking special care around the incision areas. You’ll be back to work within a week to 10 days. If you need it, special camouflage makeup can be applied to cover any bruising that remains.

Your New Look

We expect that you’ll be quite satisfied with your refreshed and youthful appearance, no longer looking tired or worried when you look in the mirror. Friends, family and associates may comment that you look different, but they may often think you’ve been on vacation or have a new hairstyle. You’ll have a higher brow position, a better arch to your brow and, if you had upper eyelid loose skin, this may be improved secondarily with the brow lift. Since some people have a different degree of droop over each eyebrow, this asymmetry will be corrected also. Long term, the incisions will not be visible since they have been hidden in your hairline.

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