Eyelid Surgery

More than any other facial feature, the eyes have a tremendous impact on your appearance and are the first to show the signs of aging. They tell people whether you are happy, sad, energetic or tired. If you believe your eyes are making you look tired, then eyelid surgery may be right for you.

Best Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Men and women, 30’s to 60’s, with loose skin in the upper or lower eyelids, puffy lower eyelids and/or dark circles. Younger individuals who have an inherited, family appearance may also benefit from the procedure, as this condition is not related to aging. Good candidates for eyelid surgery may also consider BOTOX® or Dysport® to help with excessive frown lines that eyelid surgery does not correct.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

Dr Matas and Staff 203Dr. James Matas, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida, has extensive experience performing facial plastic surgery. At your initial consultation, he will discuss your goals and motivations for surgery, along with assessing your physical and emotional health and reviewing information you provide about previous surgeries, past and current medical conditions, as well as nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and pharmaceutical medications you take.

He will examine your eyes, assessing the quality of your skin, and may have you make some facial expressions to determine the cause of the problem. He may also review photographs of you at an earlier age to see how the aging process has affected you.

He will recommend the exact procedure, or procedures, needed to bring about the desired result, outlining the techniques and incisions needed, the type of anesthesia, where the surgery will be performed and the risks and possibility of complications. He may also recommend non-surgical injectable treatments to enhance the surgical outcome.

He will advise you to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen products, Vitamin E and certain herbal medications before surgery, as these can cause increased bleeding or have undesirable effects with anesthesia.

Once a surgical plan has been decided, you will also be provided with the financial details, along with a suggested plan of action should you decide to take the next step toward eyelid surgery.

How Eyelid Surgery is Performed

Surgery can be performed separately on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both the upper and lower lids can be done together. With upper eyelid blepharoplasty, an incision is made to the inside corner of the upper lid and is then extended across the lid along the natural fold, or crease. From this incision, excess skin and fat is carefully removed. This incision line is hidden by the fold, and will not be visible.

With lower eyelid blepharoplasty, an incision is made just below the lower lashes. Through this incision, excess skin and fat are removed. At times, when the muscle is causing too much thickness, a section of the muscle is removed. In some patients, the underlying muscle is also tightened.

When the lower eyelids only need fat removed, a transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed. In this procedure, the incision is placed inside the lower eyelid so there is no external incision.

Surgery is performed outpatient under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia and takes 1 to 2 hours, or longer, if additional procedures are performed at the same time.

Recovery from Eyelid Surgery

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You will be discharged with cold compresses over your eyes. You may experience temporary blurred vision created by the lubricant used to protect your eyes, and this will resolve in a few days. You will experience some bruising, swelling, excess tearing or dryness of the eyes, itching and sensitivity to light. These symptoms are usually mild and resolve within the first week. Bruising below the eyes and over the cheeks can be improved with homeopathic medications we provide.

You’ll be back to work and most of your normal activities within one week. If necessary, special camouflage makeup can be applied to cover any bruising that remains. You won’t be able to wear contact lenses for several weeks, but glasses may be worn instead.

I am so glad that my second opinion consultation brought me to Dr. Matas for eyelid and forehead lift surgery. As soon as I spoke to you I knew you were very skilled and I knew I wanted you to be my doctor. Your office is very sweet and kind and smart! Every time I look in the mirror and smile, I think of you. I will never forget you!

Your New Look

Your friends, family and coworkers won’t even know you had eyelid surgery unless you tell them – although many will probably remark that you look alert and refreshed. But you’ll know each time you look in the mirror… because there will now be a much younger person looking back at you!

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