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More and more men are choosing to undergo a wide range of plastic surgery procedures tailored to suit their unique needs. Typically the goals for male patients include enhancing their appearance, improving their physique, and reducing visible signs of aging to boost self-esteem and confidence. Our practice offers several cosmetic options designed to sculpt male facial features and the physique, including facelift surgery, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. We also provide non-surgical treatments that can rejuvenate the skin’s appearance for a more youthful look, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable dermal fillers. One of the most common male procedures our plastic surgeon, James Matas, MD performs is gynecomastia treatment using male breast reduction techniques. For all of his patients, Dr. Matas strives to provide a compassionate environment where discretion is paramount.

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One of the most popular surgical procedures among men is liposuction. This extremely versatile procedure can be used to target pockets of excess fat in nearly any area of the body including the abdomen, flanks (or love handles), chest, back, arms, legs, or neck. By removing stubborn fat buildup, men can achieve a smoother, leaner figure. For men who spend a lot of time exercising but struggle with a final layer of fat, liposuction can reveal the toned muscles underneath for a more athletic appearance.

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Tummy Tuck

Even for men who are in very good physical shape, the stomach and abdomen can remain troublesome areas. Isolated fat deposits may gather along the waistline as men age and the body begins to store fat differently. Excess skin may also contribute to sagging at the beltline. With a tummy tuck, these isolated pockets of fat can be eliminated, excess skin removed, and underlying abdominal muscles tightened for a flatter, more toned waist.

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Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction is used to treat gynecomastia, a condition characterized by excess fat and/or breast tissue in the chest area, which creates the appearance of noticeable breasts. This condition can be the cause of extreme self-consciousness in men. The techniques that Dr. Matas uses have proven very effective for recontouring the appearance of gynecomastia. After male breast reduction, Dr. Matas’ patients are pleased to achieve a more more sculpted, masculine chest and a feeling of enhanced self-confidence.

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Frequently our male patients say that wrinkles, creases, and sagging facial skin are making them look older than they feel. A facelift is designed to address these common signs of aging and can dramatically rejuvenate man’s appearance with natural-looking results. This procedure can provide smoother, more lifted skin for a youthful look that ages gracefully.

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Although the basics of rhinoplasty remain the same for both men and women, men typically have slightly different cosmetic goals in regard to the overall shape of the nose. Men typically prefer to maintain a slightly wider nose, as well as a more prominent nasal bridge. Whereas women frequently prefer a nose that tilts slightly upward toward the tip, most men prefer a nose that is angled roughly 90 degrees away from the upper lip. Dr. Matas understands these aesthetic distinctions and his years of experience performing rhinoplasty have helped hone his surgical skills to create superior results for his male patients.

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Facial Injectables

The differences between the facial skin of men and women must be taken into account before performing any injectable cosmetic treatment. Men typically have significantly thicker skin than women, and therefore often require larger quantities of the injectable to achieve equivalent results. Additionally, men’s cosmetic goals are frequently quite different from women’s. For example, many men prefer a straight brow line whereas women often prefer to enhance the arch of the eyebrow. Dr. Matas recognizes these nuances of facial aesthetics and uses this knowledge to achieve reduction in signs of aging while maintaining a masculine appearance.

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