Is Your Skin Sick? 7 Antioxidants to Make Your Skin Well

face 26By now almost everyone has heard of antioxidants and their widely touted benefits for improving health. Antioxidants include a large group of both natural and synthetic ingredients which work to combat the effects of oxidative stress and free-radical damage. They are primarily derived from vitamins, herbs and minerals, and can help to improve the overall health, youthfulness and appearance of the skin. Although antioxidants are abundant in many fruits and vegetables, specific skin care products can also deliver these essential nutrients directly into the skin to improve one’s complexion. As we age our skin tends to lose its elasticity, thin out with a duller and more uneven tone. A major contributor to an accelerated aging process is oxidative stress caused by environmental toxins, exposure to sunlight and certain lifestyle habits.

What makes antioxidants particularly noteworthy is their ability to prevent some amount of skin damage caused by sun exposure and oxidative stress. Although there are numerous antioxidant ingredients available, several of them have been shown to be particularly beneficial. Of course, the percentage amount of functional ingredients, PH level of the product and combination of other ingredients contained therein all correspond to the potency and effectiveness of the product. Many antioxidants work well in combination with one another and their effectiveness enhanced by other ingredients in the products. Below are seven of the most popular antioxidant ingredients that you’re likely to see listed in a skincare product:

*Retinoid*, a Vitamin A derivative, is essential for many healthy body functions. Often referred to as Retinol in skin care products, this antioxidant binds to corresponding receptors in the skin, thereby helping to smooth out wrinkles, boost collagen formation, treat acne and improve rough, thickened and sun-damaged skin.

*Vitamin C* is an essential antioxidant with numerous health benefits. In skin care, it helps to synthesize collagen and elastin, protect the skin from sun damage and brighten and even out skin tone. The most effective, potent form of Vitamin C is L-Ascorbic Acid. However, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a more stable form of Vitamin C which tends to be less problematic for those with sensitive skin.

*Vitamin E*, also known as Tocopheryl Acetate, is an antioxidant which helps to repair the skin and protect cell membranes. It is especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin and assists in wound healing.

*Green Tea Extract* is a plant constituent which not only acts as an antioxidant, but also as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and antihistamine ingredient. It also helps to improve the effects of vitamins A and C.

*Grape Seed Extract*, also known as Resveratrol, is an antioxidant rich in polyphenols – a compound which is high in antioxidants. This nutrient can help to diminish the damaging effects of the sun as well as improve the skin’s elasticity.

*Alpha Lipoic Acid* is both a fat and water-soluble antioxidant that is easily absorbed through the skin’s lipid layers. Often called the “universal antioxidant,” it is believed to provide the greatest protection against free-radical damage and boosts the effectiveness of Vitamin C.

*Coenzyme Q10, *also known as Ubiquinone, is present in all human cells. It is responsible for the body’s energy and protection of cells. Research has shown that topical application of CoQ10 has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It can help to reverse damage caused by the sun and stimulate collagen production.

At Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery, we offer many antioxidant-rich, clinical skincare products from Image Skincare, which are formulated for all skin types. Some of these include our popular Vital C Hydrating Serum, Ageless Anti-Aging Serum and Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant serum. Our Medical Aesthetician can assist you with selecting products that will best suit your skin care needs to help you achieve maximum benefits. We also offer a Regenerating Spa Facial which gently exfoliates the skin using natural enzymes and delivers potent antioxidants into the skin. And as always, it is essential to apply a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 in order to protect the skin from further UV damage and achieve the maximum results from your products.

If you would like to learn more about how antioxidants can help you achieve a rejuvenated complexion, please contact us today.

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