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derm2Where to start? Today we would like to tell you the basics of a quality skincare routine in order to get you the best results. Taking a few minutes a day with high quality skincare products will help you look younger and feel better. A little commitment to your skin will help you look beautiful year round!


Begin by selecting the best cleanser for your skin type. It is important to avoid soaps and cheap cleansers as they tend to dry out or otherwise harm your skin that can lead to compromised or damaged skin. Spending a bit more money on your cleansing treatment is well worth it and will provide benefits for years to come. Be sure to read the instructions for how to use your cleanser, some may be wiped off with a cotton ball and others may be rinsed with warm water. Never use hot water as these can cause broken capillaries. Cleanse at the end of the day to get rid of makeup and the day’s grime.

Clean skin helps the the cells rejuvenate overnight. It is also recommended to cleanse in the morning, especially those with oily skin. Be careful not to over cleanse as it can upset the balance of the skin’s natural emollients that provide daily protection for the skin.


Many people often overlook exfoliation as part of their weekly skincare routine but they are missing out on a powerful tool to help the skin look young and healthy. Regular exfoliation helps rid the face of tired skin cells and brings the energetic and healthy ones to the surface. With so many at home exfoliation type products to professional exfoliation treatments, it can be challenging to find what is right for you. Speak to our skin care expert for a recommendation.


Keeping skin soft and smooth has been a long time desire to achieve younger looking skin. Hydrating your skin should be an important part of your basic daily routine. Not all serums and moisturizers are the same. Knowing your skin type is critical when choosing a moisturizer. There are products that benefit oily, dry, combination or acne-prone skin. Getting a skin analysis from our skin care professional will help you identify your perfect type of moisturizer or anti-aging serum. Also, remember to treat those beautiful eyes with special care. The delicate skin surrounding them will appreciate a specially formulated cream.


One of the most damaging and aging components to your skin is the sun. Whether we live in a cloudy or sunny climate, applying sunscreen to your face daily is critical for long term vitality. Sun exposure without protection causes wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity. The quick and effective way to take care of your facial skin is wear a broad spectrum sunscreen. We suggest not less than an SPF 30. Use it every morning and reapply throughout the day and your skin will stay looking younger longer.

With professional skincare treatments, and our Image Skincare product line, you’ll find beautiful and healthy skin is not too far away.

Find out which treatments and Image products are best for your skin type by having a complimentary consultation with our Medical Aesthetician. Please call our office at 407-345-8145 for an appointment.

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